Solano County Arts Council




Darden : It's Ruff Out Here  





Joel Fallon
Benicia, CA

Morning Bird

A bird pauses in the dark calligraphy 
of branches against the brushed 
aluminum sky—
then flicks away into the icy morning.

I pull up the covers, 
close my eyes 
and develop 
that picture.  

Joel Fallon
Copyright © 2 February 2005


Reclining Woman, Black and White Photograph 
Transfixed, I studied the photograph of a reclining woman,  naked as a peeled apple, her back to the camera, jaw-droppingly beautiful. 
Suddenly, the purported origin of the Trojan War 
seemed plausible. Men would slaughter others 
to capture and possess her.
The photograph explored her body as a basilica, caressing  her shoulders, arpeggioing down the white keys of her spine, celebrating her buttocks.
Surely, she was evidence that God must love us.
I turned to leave the gallery and saw a tall woman regarding me with a wry, 
knowing smile.
I’m sure she thought, “Eat your heart out, you old goat.”
Not a bull’s-eye but not much off target. 
Joel Fallon
Copyright 3 May 2010