Welcome To Solano County Arts Council

For over 50 years, the Solano County Arts Council has been committed to provide an intercultural dialogue and create opportunities for people to thrive and to make culture and the arts accessible to everyone. 

Please join us for a series of projects, events, exhibits and workshops that offer innovative opportunities for all communities. For more information please contact us at: info@solanocountyartscouncil.com

SCAC Projects include - ,Art Walk, Solano County Poetry Out Loud,  Veterans Art Therapy Project & Veterans Spoken Word, International Internship Project,  Ballet Folklorico, Teatro, Mural Project Folk Arts Free theater tickets giveaway, EcoArt, Women-Youth and Elder Hands on Art, Pottery, Metal-smithing,Word-smithing, Dance, Artwalk Film Group,  Music,Art Camp, and many more community projects.   

As the world around us recovers, Solano County Arts Council joins efforts to rebuild for all our artists, and community.




 Solano County Arts Council in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), and the California Arts Council (CAC) will administer a sub-grant program to fund general operating support, and/or project-based support to local arts and cultural organizations serving communities of color disproportionately affected by COVID-19.

The Cares Relief Grant will help enhance the capacity of our communities of color to become stronger, more sustainable, and better able to serve as advocates for change. Important expected benefits are equity and inclusion. 

With this grant program, new broader understanding of diverse forms of artistic expression and engagement will emerge and bring new societal benefits. SCAC plans to re-grant to cultural organizations of color at our community level that serve vulnerable populations that have been especially affected by COVID-19.

Funded projects will address a pressing social inclusion and well-being need, serve local arts and cultural organizations serving communities of color led by people of color; and be carried out in a short time frame . Eligible organizations working to foster resilience in Solano County communities can apply for funds.

FOR APPLICATION AND INFO: info@solanocountyartscouncil.com


Vallejo Artwalk is scheduled to take place every second Friday.  Please join us in downtown Vallejo.  Artists meet near Georgia and Marin streets at 4 pm to set up.  

Thank you for your participation as a member of our ever-growing  community.  We will reach out with additional updates and events. Can’t wait to see you again soon.  Stay Safe -  Carmen Slack- SCAC

 Vallejo Art Walk TEAM


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Kennedy Center Digital Stage

Lunch Doodles w/ Mo Willems - In partnership with The Kennedy Center, the author of the Pigeon books, Mo Willems, is teaching kids how to draw and make art. Download the daily activity sheet, or grab some paper and something to draw with to join in on the fun every day at 10am in California. Share your doodle online with #MoLunchDoodles.

Virtual Concerts - Magical Bridge Foundation is hosting family-friendly performers on its Facebook page daily at 12 p.m

Virtual Art Class

Artist Sam Price is live streaming collage-making classes for the Palo Alto Art Center every Friday at 11am. Find past classes or view new ones here.  

The Tech Interactive at Home!   The Tech Interactive has put together lesson plans for at-home activities and learning. https://www.thetech.org/

This powerful statue was created by artist Jean Cherie out of foam and then painted to look like bronze. Once people started seeing the finished foam sculpture it was apparent that during these turbulent times, this needed to be cast in bronze and made a permanent piece of public art in our beautifully diverse community.

Let’s Make Magic!  Join us and help turn foam into Bronze and make Public Art reflect the World you want for your Children!

Dominique Gutierrez and 3 others are organizing this fundraiser on behalf of Solano County Arts Council. Donations are 100% tax deductible.  info@solanocountyartscouncil.com  

Las Tehuanas

 Ballet Folklorico "El Valle"                              For more info Balletsthelena@yahoo.com\

Solano County Arts Council Poetry Out Loud Champion, Austin Car


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Rated F

Fleshing Out the Female

She's an Open Book

"She's An Open Book"

Collaborative work by The ArtDivas



Please Join us at the Vallejo Poetry Society 
       "Within Words we are one"         

The Cafe of Dreams by D.L. Lang

Walked into a coffee shop with a collective of wordsmiths with performance highs wishing to be paid a bit more than pie in the sky.

Sat underneath a rainbow reciting verses in a building marked by birthdays and lucky numbers, as the fortune cookie prophecies spoke of friendship.  

   We began to build the foundations of community, organizing the world for us all to be heard.



                  JOIN US                      Vallejo 2nd Friday Art Walk

Vallejo Art Walk takes place every second Friday, thanks to our community, the Art Walk team and support from the City of Vallejo.


One of the main priorities of the Vallejo Second Friday Artwalk and the Solano County Arts Council has been to identify and eliminate barriers to art access.

By implementing this priority, we see how culturally responsive programming creates equitable opportunities to support access to art in the city and throughout the county.

Join us in Vallejo every 2nd Friday at the Art Walk!



Trevor Allen


              BOSA  ARTIST at Vallejo 2nd Friday Artwalk



    #DaddyDoodles, TJ Walkup


I wrote this tonight on hearing the great John Prine has passed, after his fight with the virus. This is for him.

Super Moon
by Abby Owen 

Gone so fast, gone too soon,
All alone in a sealed off room.
Fighting a war you couldn’t win,
It’s Vietnam all over again.

There’s contagion in the world I fear,
It’s raging far and sometimes near.
Six feet apart we might be spared, Six feet under,
if we’re ill prepared.

Drawn to the light of the Super Moon,
Gone so fast, gone too soon.
Your songs remain, tho you’ve gone away,
Your stories to be told another day.

Mother Earth sends a warning call,
You’re not listening child, pay attention now.
Take a breath, while you still can,
Mend the scars upon her lands.
There’s contagion in the world I fear,
It’s raging far and sometimes near.

Six feet apart we might be spared,
Six feet under, if we’re ill prepared.

Drawn to the light of the Super Moon, Gone so fast, gone too soon.
Your songs remain, tho you’ve gone away, Your stories to be told another day.

Bonnie Raitt singing John Prine"s song " Angel from Montgomery


he Arts Alliance welcomes ALL community-minded people with creative ATTITUDE...you don't have to be an artist to participate in the creative evolution of the community!  We welcome all to come, to communicate, to help shape our town through creative collaboration, and to join hands as we continue to build something REALLY WONDERFUL together.

Community Mural Project 

Please join Bay Area Mural Program, La  Clinica de La Raza, Inc.,and Solano County Arts Council in supporting the creation of a new temporary mural that will depict health,culture, art, and the environment

violence against women Poster